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Natural Sleep Support with Serenity Essential Oil Blend

Get to Sleep Naturally With This Oil Blend When you can't sleep, it can be extremely frustrating. Now that my kids are out of that baby stage, I look forward to a solid 7-8 hours per night but when I don't get that, a restless night's sleep can negatively affect my...

What to Eat for Energy and Longevity

Why Leafy Greens are Essential for Your Health The number one thing you can do today to improve your health and boost your energy is eat leafy greens. This simple act has powerful implications. In his book, Integrative Nutrition, author Joshua Rosenthal describes it...

How to Use Essential Oils with Pets

Essential Oils & Pets Essential oils are plant-based compounds that have amazing health benefits for humans...and even for pets! Many holistic veterinarians incorporate essential oils into their practices. And many pet owners are willing to try using natural...

Paleo Diet vs Keto Diet

How do the paleo diet and keto diet differ? Two of the most popular diets out there right now are also the two I get questioned about the most - the paleo diet and keto diet. Because these diets share some similarities, the question I get the most is 'what is the...

Essential Oils for Thyroid Support

Can Essential Oils Help With Your Thyroid Condition? In the base of your neck lies a butterfly-shaped gland that is responsible for producing hormones that regulate your metabolism. Needless to say, the thyroid is a crucial part of your body's endocrine system. And...

Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Flour-Less, Dairy-Free, Low Sugar Cookie Recipe As a cookie lover who has a dairy allergy, I was so excited when I found this cookie recipe. It has since become a family favorite...even my picky kids love these! Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Makes: 24...