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4 Summer Salad Recipes

Eat Clean with These Easy & Delicious Salad Recipes Summer is a great time to enjoy a crisp, cool salad (although, I eat salad all year long and you should too).  These are some of my favorite salad recipes that I found on Pinterest. Now two of these recipes do...

How to Detox Your Lymphatic System

Can a Detox of Your Lymphatic System Prevent Serious Illness? Chronic illness is a complicated matter. When you're not feeling well and doctors cannot pinpoint the exact culprit, it can be frustrating. The important thing is to try and understand how our body - and...

Cancer-Fighting Smoothie Recipe

Fight or Prevent Cancer with this Nutrient-Rich Smoothie After my husband's brain cancer diagnosis, we've revamped his nutrition to include some of the best anti-cancer substances on earth and I would like to share his cancer-fighting smoothie recipe with you.  Every...

4 Essential Oils to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Manage Healthy Blood Sugar With Essential Oils Healthy blood sugar is important to keeping our bodies functioning properly. When our blood sugar levels are good, our bodies feel good. Glucose, or sugar, comes from the food we eat and insulin is a hormone that our...

Black Cumin Seeds and Cancer

Can Something as Simple as a Seed Help Prevent & Fight Cancer? I fully understand that when I suggest fighting something as serious as cancer with a seed from a spice, it may seem far-fetched. But natural remedies are an important tool to fight cancer because they...

Natural Remedies for IBS

Doctors say you can't cure IBS. Is that true? No one wants to talk about what goes on behind the bathroom door. And that could be a problem. If you neglect your digestive system, you could be putting your overall health in jeopardy.  Armed with the knowledge that 70%...