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Latest Health News.

Sugar-Free Fudge Recipe

Why you should - and can - enjoy a sugar-free treat. First let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of this recipe as well as the website it came from, Chocolate Covered Katie. As a health coach, I understand how important it is to enjoy your food. And most of all,...

The Best Diet for Autoimmune Conditions

Can changing the way you eat eliminate health problems? Often times when people experience symptoms for a few days, they head for the medicine cabinet or call their doctor. While these two reactions can be necessary, they should not be a first response.  Whenever one...

How to Do a Whole Body Detox

Want to detox but not sure where to start? Different people detox for different reasons. Some want to lose weight, some want to prevent disease, and some just want to stop feeling like crap.  I have previously outlined the benefits of a detox and given my 10 reasons...

A Big Cause of Increasing Disease Rates

Is medication the only way to lower disease rates? I recently read a quote in a New York Times article that caught my attention and helped me validate what I already knew: MANY Americans assume that the chemicals in their shampoos, detergents and other consumer...

4 ‘Health Foods’ a Health Coach Wouldn’t Eat

Foods That Many Consider Healthy, But I'll Never Eat So-called "health foods" are everywhere. It's frustrating to search for healthy recipes on websites, such as Pinterest, and find ingredients that as a health coach, I would never consider healthy.[ninja-popup...

Lentil Hamburger Recipe

A hamburger recipe you won't feel guilty enjoying. Today I am featuring a delicious (and healthy!) from my friend, Laura Hamby. I love how many nutritious vegetables are packed into this hamburger recipe.  Check out some of Laura's other amazing recipes here. Lentil...