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Latest Health News.

Benefits of Cassia Essential Oil

6 Ways to Use Cassia Essential Oil Cassia is not one of the more well-known essential oils, but it's a powerful one. Extracted from the bark of a cinnamomum cassia plant, it's a warm and spicy essential oil that can help the mind and body.   It's also a versatile oil;...

Omega-3s and Cancer

Can This Popular Nutrient Prevent Cancer? Fish oil has become a popular supplement over the years. And for good reason, fish oil contains essential fatty acids known as omega-3s. It's well-known that omega-3s are important for a healthy heart. They also play a...

Natural Remedies for Strep Throat

Ease Strep Throat Symptoms Naturally I think we can all agree that it's no fun to be sick, but there's just something about a sore throat that makes being sick so much worse! Maybe it's because it hurts to eat, drink, or even breathe. That's why I am sharing my...

Beta Glucans and Cancer

Prevent Cancer, Infections & Other Illnesses with Beta Glucans Remember when your parents made you eat mushrooms and you thought they were disgusting? Well, turns out mom and dad were right in making sure you got some beta glucans in your system. Beta glucans are...

Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil

How to Use Marjoram Essential Oil for Your Health Used during ancient times, the Greeks and Romans saw marjoram as a symbol of happiness. In fact, it's sometimes known as "wintersweet" or "joy of the mountains". Now it's used all over the world as a culinary herb to...

The Budwig Protocol for Cancer

An Effective Cancer Diet - The Budwig Protocol In my never-ending quest to find answers and alternative treatments for cancer, I came across the Budwig Protocol.  This is a natural cancer diet created by a biochemist and pharmacist in the 1950's. It's an excellent...