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    Latest Health News.

    Benefits of Douglas Fir Essential Oil

    6 Ways I Recommend Using Douglas Fir Oil Sourced from evergreen fir trees in New Zealand, Douglas fir oil possesses a unique chemical composition that gives it a purifying, uplifting, refreshing fragrance. You've most likely have heard of it because it's often used in...

    Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

    Myrrh Essential Oil Uses and Benefits Myrrh essential oil is one that I always make sure is in my collection. Its versatility and effectiveness have made it a valuable oil for centuries.  Myrrh can be categorized as one of the wood essential oils and the smoky, dry...

    Chlorella and Cancer

    Is Chlorella Effective as an Alternative Cancer Therapy? Chlorella is a freshwater algae that is a known “superfood”, which contains lots of health benefits. If you're gaging at the idea of eating freshwater algae, stick around and see how beneficial it can be for...

    Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

    The Ways I Use Frankincense Essential Oil When anyone asks me what essential oil would be good for a specific ailment or condition, my response is often Frankincense. There is a reason it's nicknamed the "king of oils". It's one of the most versatile and powerful oils...

    Selenium and Cancer

    Can The Powerful Antioxidant Selenium Prevent Cancer? You may have heard of selenium because it’s an active ingredient in many multi-vitamins, dietary supplements and some infant formulas. Selenium is a vital nutrient that plays an important role in metabolism and...

    Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil

    Using Wintergreen Essential Oil for Health I love a good minty flavor and smell. Wintergreen is known as a flavor in gum or toothpaste, but it's also a valuable essential oil with impressive health benefits. Wintergreen oil is extracted from the leaves of a creeping...