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Health & Nutrition Coaching

New studies reveal that 95% of diseases are diet and lifestyle related. It’s called epigenetics.


This is good news because it means we have the control to prevent or reverse most diseases.

Our food supply is not as healthy as it was 30 years ago and our bodies are continually assaulted from environmental and food toxins which damage our health. The majority of illnesses are now thought to be caused by inflammation and toxicity and with 70% or more of your immune system in your gut, this means your digestive system is directly related to your current illness and your food and environment are playing a part.

Health = Nutrition + Detoxification

My individual wellness program focuses on detoxifying your diet and lifestyle from what is causing your health issue, and maximizing your absorption of nutrients. With this two-pronged approach all facets of your health issue are addressed and the results could be life changing.


Here are some health concerns I can help you and your family with: 

AcneAllergiesAsthmaAutoimmune DiseasesADHD
CancerDigestive DisordersDiabetesEndometriosisHeadaches
Heart DiseaseHigh CholesterolHyperactivityHypertensionIBS
InfertilityInsomniaLearning & FocusMenopauseWeight Loss
OsteoporosisOvarian CystsPMSPre-conception CareThyroid disorders

In-Person Coaching

In-Person Health & Nutrition Coaching is available in the Dallas, Texas area. 

Not in Dallas? I offer phone consultations and you will still get all the benefits of in-person coaching.

“This was a life changing experience. I know I will benefit from this knowledge for the rest of my life”

Terry H.

Westminister, TX

During our time together, you will:

  • Work to get to the ROOT cause of your health concern.
  • Gain an overall sense of awareness of how food affects your health, immune system, mood, and well-being.
  • Uncover the health-gut connection — how your digestive health plays a role in your overall immune health and how to regain it.
  • Discover hidden food intolerances that may be impeding your ability to heal.
  • Uncover which foods and environmental toxins may be sabotaging your health.
  • Understand which foods support a healthy endocrine system and nourish your body’s natural ability to product healthy hormones.
  • Learn about healing foods — what they are, how they benefit you and how to incorporate them into your daily life.
  • Learn about various supplements, vitamins, herbs, and amino acids that may benefit you.
  • Uncover hidden nutritional deficiencies and learn how to correct them.
  • Learn tips and tricks to handling eating out and traveling to maintain healthy eating habits.
  • Navigate the grocery store aisles with confidence by learning to read labels and experiment with new foods.


“Leann has truly helped me become a healthier person. She raised my overall awareness of healthy habits that I now incorporate daily. She does her research, and comes prepared each meeting with a plan. In our meetings, she thoughtfully listened to my struggles and challenges, helping me feel why connecting to my health goals matter. Leann is extremely motivating and encouraging. All of her coaching resulted in my reduced weight, healthy cholesterol levels, healthy vitamin D levels and removing the dependency on PPIs (Prevacid). I recommend Leann to everyone desiring a healthier life.”

Craig C.

Dallas, TX

Guides, Tips, Checklists, + More!



Health Coaching Program Packages

NOTE: To get started you first register for your health history phone consultation. Details and Registration.


$25 Basic Health History Phone Consultation

Find out what health & nutrition coaching program package is right for you. To start — Register for your 20-minute health history phone consultation. 

In this 20-minute session, we review your health history and you will learn which coaching program package is recommended for you and why. You will also learn what the goals of your program (specific to your health condition) will be.


STEP 1: Register for your $25 Basic Health History Phone Consultation. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the health history zip file to your computer. The health history zip file includes 3 separate health history forms of child’s, men’s, and women’s. 

STEP 2: Select the appropriate health history form or forms.

  • You can fill-out the form electronically on your computer. Remember to save your file to keep the information you entered and email the health history form back to me at leann@leann.prov3.com OR 
  • You can print out the form and fax it back to me when completed. A fax number is included in the confirmation email.
  • After receiving your completed health history form, I will review your health history you’ve emailed to me within 48 hours Monday through Friday and email you back to set up a date and time for your health history phone consultation. We will review your health history and discuss which program will be a fit for you. Program goals, dates, times, and payment options will also be discussed. If you do not receive an email from me, check your email junk folder or give me a call 469-609-0898.

STEP 3: Pat yourself on the back for taking the first step to change your health or the health of your family!

My passion is to help you and your family get back to your best health as quickly as possible!