The Results Could Be Life Changing

In This Program You Will:

  • Uncover the truth about why and how our food supply is causing ADHD, asthma, allergies and autism in children.
  • Understand the connection between food and cancer.
  • Learn which dangerous additives are currently in your pantry ( and what to do about it)
  • Find out how to boost the healthiness of your meals.
  • Learn how to eliminate sugar addictions and receive new sugar-free recipes.
  • Get Healthy Cooking Resources that will teach you the basics and the best tips, and methods.
  • Find out which supplements are dangerous and which ones your family should be taking.
  • Discover which ingredients in products are linked to hormone imbalance, allergies, immune dysfunction and cancer. Find out my brand recommendations
  • Discover which kitchen cooking tools leach toxins and cause cancer, illnesses and issues. Find out my recommendations on safe products to switch to
  • Learn to use natural remedies (like essential oils) , for sleep, focus, behavior, mood, immunity, and more!
  • For only $129.00 you can change your family’s health for life!

More than 80,000 chemicals available in the United States have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on our health and environment.

Natural Resources Defense Council

Uncover The Truth

It can be overwhelming to think about and even harder to know where to start to help your family avoid a health disaster. That is why I’ve created my 30 Day Family Health Makeover to give you a step-by step guided program on how to clean out the toxic, chemically-laden food and products that your family is using while also integrating healthy changes that will impact your children’s health (and yours!) for years to come.

This 30-Day Program Includes:

  • Your Own Personal Health Coach
  • A 9-Step Guided Approach
  • 3 Health Webinars:
    • “The Food Connection to a Child’s Behavior”
    • “Detoxing Your Personal Care Products”
    • “Decoding Ingredients”
  • A Healthy Grocery and Snack List to help you
    navigate the grocery store
  • Access to:
    • 70 Healthy Breakfast, Casserole, and Crockpot Recipes
    • 70 Healthy Lunchbox Recipes
    • A Facebook Forum to interact with others in the program and ask questions
  • Step-by-step coaching with all of the resources, support and guidance during the 30 days that will take you through the process of how to painlessly:
    • detoxify your food and beverages
    • detoxify your personal care products
    • detoxify your cleaning and kitchen products

And most importantly a priceless, healthier future for you and your family for only $129.