30-Day Health Reset

30-Day Health Reset | LeannForst.com

Have the events of the past few months thrown your physical and emotional wellness for a loop?
Has your ‘shelter in place’ resulted in more pounds in place?
Could you use a good comprehensive plan to regain health and vitality?

 If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, then the
30-Day Health Reset program
is for you!

The 30-day Health Reset is a practical health program you can follow for life. You’ll be guided on strategies to keep you on track, learn how to harness the power of bioavailable supplements, essential oils and nutrient-rich foods to help your body reach the homeostasis necessary to help you:

  • Reset your metabolism
  • Soothe inflammation
  • Sleep sounder
  • Reduce stress
  • Regain your energy and vitality
  • Debug your digestive system
  • Achieve healthy hormone balance

All while getting personal coaching and support in a fun, interactive Facebook community.

This COMPLETE program includes:

  • Personal and group health coaching on all facets of health and wellbeing
  • Nutrition & recipes
  • Targeted health supplements
  • Essential oils
  • Easy fitness solutions
  • Free healthy samples and gifts

Here’s are the details:

This journey will be led by Leann Forst, holistic health practitioner & certified essential oils coach and Nicole Perrotta, certified emotional intelligence expert & leadership self-care advocate in a private Facebook group. 

It will start with the very popular 10-Day Detox where you will learn how to ditch sugar and junk food and incorporate healthier, wholesome energy foods. See the testimonials below!  For the next 20 days you will learn how to set yourself up for lifelong health and vitality with simple steps for maximum physical and emotional wellbeing.

What is Your Health Worth to You?

When you invest $195 in your health, you get a complete program valued at over $800:

  • Healthy Habits Kit | LeannForst.comdoTERRA Healthy Habits kit this kit is the foundation of your health program.  Here’s what you get to support your overall health and wellbeing:
    • Lifelong Vitality Pack – core health supplements with bioavailable nutrients equal to 12 fruits and veggies. Many people feel a difference in just 30 days on this alone!
    • PB Assist probiotics and Terrazyme enzymes: digestive and gut health supplements to support immunity and nutrient absorption
    • Essential oils for stress, energy, immunity, detox, cellular health, sleep, muscle and joint support. We’ll teach you how to use them for natural health!
    • free doTERRA wholesale membership – (25% off all doTERRA wellness products for a full year)
  • Guided 30-day Step by Step Program – Coach-led guidance in an interactive Facebook community. Getting healthy together is more fun! We’ll be posting and coaching in the group.  Not on Facebook?  No worries, you can get the same info by email.
  • A Personalized Wellness Phone Consult – We’ll teach you exactly how to use your supplements and oils for maximum health benefits and give you a custom plan for specific health needs.   
  • 30 Days of Healthy Recipes:  including breakfast lunch, dinner AND dessert! 
  • Fitness at Home Solutions – learn an at-home fitness routines without the added cost of equipment or gym membership
  • Essential Oil e-course to learn how to use essential oils for natural health & healing
  • Essential Oil ‘how to’ guide and roller bottles to make your own health blends. We’ll teach you how!

Put Yourself on Your ‘To Do’ List

Get Started on Your 30-Day Health Reset
Just purchase your Healthy Habits Kit for $195 here.  When we see your order come through, we’ll send you a welcome email and a link to the private Facebook group and schedule your personalized wellness consult. 

  • Deadline to get in the program Friday, January 8th
  • ‘Getting Started’ announcements in the Facebook group start Friday January 15th
  • 30 Day Reset Kickoff is Monday January 18th!
  • Got questions? Email me at Leann@GroovyBeets.com

Join wellness professionals, Leann and Nicole Perrotta, as they teach you how to train your brain to embrace new habits while also teaching you how to use powerful tools to live a healthy, productive and fulfilled lifestyle.


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