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    Migraine Triggers

    Migraine Triggers

    Another headache?  If you’re one of the 40 percent of people who suffer from debilitating headaches at least once a year, the best way to prevent them is to take consistent—almost daily—action to let the proverbial sleeping giant lie. Migraines are thought to be...

    The Not So Groovy

    4 things to ditch NOW. High Fructose Corn Syrup:   This is my #1 on the gross-o-meter.   If there was just one thing on my list, this would be it.   For anyone trying to get healthy, lose weight or feel good….this is a MUST DITCH.    Other places to find HFCS: ...

    Groovy Health Golden Rules

    Golden Rules to Getting Your Groove Back Eat a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes that are in season.   The best vegetable and juice is green as they are higher in nutrient content and naturally cleanse your blood of toxins. Eat...

    My Story and My Mission

    Hi there! I'm Leann. Welcome to my blog about eating for a healthier, more energetic life! My Mission This blog is the result of everything I've learned through my 11 year journey of sickness and health. I came to where I'm at with my health the hard way and it's my...

    LOL Really is the Best Medicine!

    LOL Really is the Best Medicine!

    Who laughes last, lives longer.  Laughter might really be the best medicine. Studies out of the University of Chicago show a great sense of humor can add 8 years to your life—no joke! It’s comes as little surprise then, that hospitals are employing...

    Kid Lovin’ Snacks

    Kid Lovin’ Snacks

    Need fresh ideas for kid snacks? Getting little ones to go for a snack that isn’t chock full of sugar can be a real challenge. Here are several healthy kid snack ideas, as recommended by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an organization headed...