6 Ways I Use Spearmint Essential Oil

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘spearmint’? For many, it’s probably Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum.

Commonly known for its flavor, spearmint is a perennial plant that offers a sweet and minty taste and aroma.

For years spearmint has thrived in the candy, dental, and yes, gum product industries because of its favorable savor and breath-freshening properties. Spearmint essential oil also promotes fresh breath and is used frequently in cooking and baking to create salad dressings, drinks, desserts, and meat marinades.

And it’s important to not confuse spearmint and peppermint. Spearmint is very different, it’s actually a milder option to use on children and those with sensitive skin.

Here are some ways I recommend using spearmint essential oil:

1. For Digestive Health

Did you know that spearmint has been used for centuries for its digestive benefits? Spearmint essential oil is great for promoting digestion and helps reduce the occasional stomach upset. The compound carvone, which is naturally found in spearmint, has been shown to strongly inhibit muscle contractions in the digestive tract.

To use: If you are feeling unwell after eating, add 1-2 drops of Spearmint oil to a glass of water to feel better.

2. To Support Healthy Focus

After reading or studying for long amounts of time, use spearmint essential oil topically to help promote a sense of focus. The leaves of the spearmint plant contain menthol, which has a relaxing, sedative effect on the body.

To use: combine the following oils and carrier oil into a roller bottle and massage onto the back of your neck and shoulders.

  • 5 drops spearmint
  • 3 drops basil
  • 3 drops lime
  • 3 drops rosemary
  • 3 drops eucalyptus
  • 3 drops bergamot
  • 1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil

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3. To Support Your Overall Health

Spearmint contains a large number of antioxidant compounds, including rosmarinic acid, flavones and flavanones like limonene and menthol. This helps support your health and may help protect against damage caused by free radicals, which are harmful molecules that can lead to oxidative stress (and eventually more serious illnesses, such as cancer).

To use: try making this DIY rosemary spearmint soap recipe and use it every day.

4. To Lift Your Mood

Feeling blue? Try using some spearmint oil to brighten up your day. Spearmint oil consists of chemical components such as carvone and limonene. These organic constituents have energizing and uplifting properties.

To use: place three to four drops spearmint oil into your favorite diffuser (try this new Petal diffuser) and enjoy the minty aroma as it elevates your mind and mood.

5. To Freshen Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing, but spearmint essential oil is effective and an ideal essential oil to incorporate in oral care routines due to its ability to freshen breath and cleanse the mouth.

To use: Every morning and night, I apply Spearmint oil to my toothbrush before brushing my teeth for fresh breath. It’s a great way to cleanse the mouth after meals.

6. In Your Favorite Recipe

Spearmint is frequently used in salads, drinks, and desserts for its minty, but not overpowering flavor. And remember that essential oils are potent, so one drop is all you need!

To use: try adding a drop to your favorite chocolate pudding recipe.

And if you’re new to essential oils, here are the oils that blend well with spearmint oil:

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Leann Forst, MBA, CHC, CEOC — Holistic Health Practitioner

Leann is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Essential Oils Coach, holding a Master’s degree from Drake University and a Bachelor of Science from Upper Iowa University. Leann is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. And she is an award winning author of 2 books How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies and 100 Ways to Lose Weight”.

Born and raised as an Iowa farm girl, she moved to Texas in 1998 where she lives with her husband and 2 kids.

As a wife of a brain cancer survivor, Leann has a special interest in anti-cancer nutrition and detoxification. She works with individuals and groups, and speaks regularly at hospitals, schools and organizations to teach people how to attain optimal health by getting to the root cause of chronic and inflammatory conditions, while using healing modalities such as essential oils. Click here to get Leann’s free report, “37 Cancer Facts You Should Know…But Probably Don’t

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

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