Are Toxic Ingredients Making Your Baby Sick?

Did you know that our skin is our largest organ? So everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Consequently, some ingredients in baby products can have great impacts on your baby’s health in the long term.

Many of us are selective about the products that we use, and when it comes to our babies, we may assume that manufacturers have their best interest at heart.  The truth is, that there are toxic ingredients in popular baby product. As a result, these products are doing more harm than good for our little ones.

6 Toxic Ingredients in Baby Products to Watch Out For

It’s hard to believe that the stuff we use to bathe our babies could be harmful, but unfortunately it’s true. There are plenty of harmful ingredients in mainstream baby products, such as:

  1. Phthalates – these chemicals create fragrance in products and they’re also endocrine disruptors. This is especially important, because they can affect developmental disorders, asthma, allergic reactions, and reproductive malformations. Furthermore, they have been linked to cancer
  2. Talc – a powdered mineral that is used as a drying agent.  Most of all, it’s a known lung irritant and may also be a carcinogenic (source). 
  3. Proplyene glycol – found in baby wipes AND in wiper fluid, this chemical is quickly absorbed by the skin.
  4. Parabens – these are neurotoxins that are linked to reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption, and skin irritation.
  5. 1,4-dioxane and ethylated surfactants – this harmful contaminant is in 57% of baby soaps (1,4-dioxane is not often in the ingredients lists). 
  6. Formaldehyde – short term formaldehyde can irritate skin, long term it’s been linked to cancer (source). Toxic Ingredients in Baby Products |

Nourishing Ingredients

Here are some nourishing ingredients that you should look for in your baby care products:

  • Carrier oils (like coconut oil) – replaces petrochemicals
  • Essential oils – replaces the artificial fragrances and preservatives. Can also help support healthy skin, kill germs, and boost immunity.
  • Butters and emollients – heals and moisturizes the skin. Look for cocoa, shea mango, or aloe vera.
  • Antioxidants – helps prevent the formation of free radicals (which cause cancer). Look for vitamin E, rosemary extract.
  • Beeswax 
  • Xanthan gum – this is a thickening agent. 

Non-toxic Baby Products

When it comes to the health of your baby, you can’t be too careful of the products that you use daily.  That’s why I recommend the dōTERRA Baby Collection. This collection will keep your baby’s delicate skin soothed and moisturized and uses only non-toxic, clean and nourishing ingredients.

Baby Hair & Body Wash

The dōTERRA Baby Hair & Body Wash contains vanilla extract, lavender, and Roman chamomile oils. In addition, the raw East African Muyao shea butter possesses fatty acids that support your baby’s soft skin. My favorite part: this gentle formula is also clinically tested tear-free.  For convenience, this wash comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle.

Diaper Rash Cream

The active ingredient in the dōTERRA diaper rash cream is non-nano zinc, which is a skin protectant. This is especially important to create a barrier between your baby’s delicate skin and excess moisture.   This diaper rash cream is tested and approved for the most sensitive skin. The lavender, carrot seed, and tea tree essential oils work to balance and soothe the skin.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, dōTERRA’s conveniently designed baby wash and diaper cream are a safe and effective way to cleanse your baby. Their tear-free wash, combined with the easy-to-use cleanser pump, makes bath time effortless and simple. Together, these limited time products are a truly impressive baby care collection.

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