Looking for Simple Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes?

If you adhere to a gluten-free diet, finding a delicious dessert may not always be easy. And if you don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen, you probably just grab a dessert from the grocery store. And who knows what unhealthy ingredients are lurking in those? 

So while I was searching for recipes for my crockpot/casserole recipe program, I came across some amazing dessert recipes that can be made in the crockpot.

Here are three delicious desserts that are also gluten-free crockpot recipes:

Paleo Slow Cooker Brownies

Found on Cultivate Beauty


Gluten-Free Crockpot Apple Crumble

Found on Life Made Full

Ingredients, apple mixture:



  1. Combine all of the ingredients for apple mixture.  Pour into crockpot and spread evenly, covering the bottom.
  2. Mix topping ingredients.
  3. Layer over top of apple mixture.
  4. Cook on low for 4 hours (or on high for 2 hours).
Note: It will thicken if you let it sit for about a 1/2 hour before serving.

Gluten-Free Crockpot Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake

Found on Raising Whasians



  1. Spray crock pot with your favorite cooking spray (I use olve or avocado oil).
  2. Dump your 2 cans of blueberry pie filling into the slow cooker. Mix in grated lemon zest.Spread for even coverage in your slow cooker.
  3. Mix butter and cake mix. Dump on top. Spread out evenly.
  4. Cook high 2 hours, low 4 hours.

Do you have any recipes you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about them and maybe feature them in the future. And if you’re looking for more easy, crockpot recipes, check out my Crockpot Casserole Recipe Program:

Crockpot/Casserole Recipe Program | GroovyBeets.com

3 Groovy Gluten-Free Crockpot Dessert Recipes | GroovyBeets.com
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Born and raised as an Iowa farm girl, she moved to Texas in 1998 where she lives with her husband and 2 kids.

As a wife of a brain cancer survivor, Leann has a special interest in anti-cancer nutrition and detoxification. She works with individuals and groups, and speaks regularly at hospitals, schools and organizations to teach people how to attain optimal health by getting to the root cause of chronic and inflammatory conditions, while using healing modalities such as essential oils. Click here to get Leann’s free report, “37 Cancer Facts You Should Know…But Probably Don’t”

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