Can infections and cancer be linked?

Raise your hand if you like being sick.

Other than maybe catching up on a few TV shows you’ve missed or getting some rest, being sick is never fun. Going to the doctor is less fun and getting so sick that your illness leads to a chronic condition is downright awful. Then there is the possibility of your illness doing so much damage to your health that your immune system is compromised.

It starts with an infection.

What is an Infection?

An infection is when your body is invaded by disease-causing agents. They get into your body’s tissues and multiply. Many times your immune system can fight off an infection, especially in the case of a virus. Other times, medicine is needed. My main goal as a health coach is to get your immune system to be so strong, that the infection never gets to the point of compromising your health.

Types of Infections

  • Bacterial – many bacteria won’t hurt you, but there is a small percentage that makes people sick. These bacteria give off toxins and we know that the longer toxins sit in your body, the more likely they are to get absorbed and the greater your risk for developing disease.  
  • Fungal (also known as Candida) – Candida fungus is always found in your digestive tract, but it expands when the balance of your gut flora is off. Remember that it’s been proven that 70% of our immune system is linked to the gut. So when your gut health is compromised, your immune system will not work at full capacity to keep you healthy. 
  • Parasites – an organism that feeds off another is never a good thing. That’s why parasites are bad for your health, because they feed off your nutrition. There are many types, but all affect your health, especially your gut health.  
  • Heavy Metals/Environmental Toxins – these can be found in things like food, water and commercial products, including household cleaners, cookware, personal care products and cosmetics. Both heavy metals and environmental toxins can affect your health and lead to fatigue, digestive issues, depression, and female reproductive problems.
  • Viruses – these are infectious agents that enter your body’s cells and reproduce. When a virus does enter a cell, they insert their DNA into the host. And since cancer works in a similar way, viruses can possibly lead to cancer.

Infections and Cancer

Here are examples of how infections and cancer are linked:

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – some types of this virus grow on the skin, but others grow in the mouth, throat and vagina. HPV is spread via the skin through contact. There are 40 different types of HPV and at least 12 are known to cause cancer. In many humans, their immune system will fight HPV, but those with a compromised immune system are susceptible. It’s also important to note that all women suffering from cervical cancer, show signs of HPV (but it is NOT the other way around).

Epstein Barr (EBV) – this is the virus that causes mononucleosis (also known as the “kissing disease” that mostly affects teenagers). EBV is passed by kissing, coughing, sneezing or using the same glass or utensils. Since EBV is a herpes virus, it stays in your body, but for most it remains inactive. EBV does increase a person’s risk of nasopharyngeal cancer. It’s also linked to Burkitt Lymphoma, Hodgkin Lymphoma and some stomach cancers. 

Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C (HBV & HCV) – both of these viruses can progress to a chronic infection and cause a liver damage. If it gets that far, it will increase the chances of getting liver cancer. Research has also linked both HBV and HCV to non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The “good news” is that HBV and HCV aren’t easily transmitted; you would have to exchange fluid or blood with an infected person. 

Human Herpes Virus-8 (HHV-8) – anyone who suffers from Kaposi Sarcoma (a slow-growing, rare cancer) have had tumors infected with HHV-8. Less than 10% of the U.S. population have this infection. But those who do, have it for life and need to know it’s linked to blood cancer. 

What Can You Do?

Are you suffering from chronic symptoms or autoimmune disease? Then testing for the above infections or viruses is recommended.

If infections are present, the next step is to get coached on how to detoxify your body from these infections. And it’s important to mention that the worse the symptoms are, the higher the likelihood is that there are multiple infections.  This includes chronic symptoms like:

  • Chronic skin issues
  • ANY ongoing digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Ongoing sinus
  • Respiratory issues
  • Chronic constipation
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Cancer

This is my job. Many people think that I’m just here to tell you what you should and should not eat (especially my kids!). But I am here to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, to keep your immune system strong, and to ward off serious illnesses. Do you have concerns about infections and cancer? Contact me today so we can start you on the road to optimum health!

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    Leann Forst, MBA, CHC, CEOC — Holistic Health Practitioner

    Leann is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Essential Oils Coach, holding a Master’s degree from Drake University and a Bachelor of Science from Upper Iowa University. Accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Leann is an award winning author of 2 books How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies and 100 Ways to Lose Weight”.

    Born and raised as an Iowa farm girl, she moved to Texas in 1998 where she lives with her husband and 2 kids.

    As a wife of a brain cancer survivor, Leann has a special interest in anti-cancer nutrition and detoxification. She works with individuals and groups, and speaks regularly at hospitals, schools and organizations to teach people how to attain optimal health by getting to the root cause of chronic and inflammatory conditions, while using healing modalities such as essential oils. Click here to get Leann’s free report, “37 Cancer Facts You Should Know…But Probably Don’t

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