Webinar: The Food Connection to Your Child’s Behavior


Is it ADHD or something else? Watch this webinar to find out.

Could it be the food causing your child’s disease symptoms? Before you medicate, find out if something else is making your child sick. You will have all the tools you need in this life changing, health changing webinar. 


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The Food Connection to Your Child’s Behavior — Food Triggers to Allergies, Asthma, ADHD, and Autism

The epidemic of childhood chronic illness is sweeping our nation in staggering numbers:

  1. Autism: 1 in 50
  2. ADD/ADHD: 1 in 10
  3. Asthma: 1 in 8
  4. Allergies: 1 in 3
  5. Obesity: 1 in 3
  6. Learning Disabled: 1 in 6


  • As a food toxin expert and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Leann educates families on the everyday food toxins — what they are, why they matter, and how they relate to childhood illness.
  • Food toxins are the missing piece to the health and wellness discussion. Many times, unsuspecting parents aren’t aware that the very food they are serving is wreaking havoc on young immune systems. Changes in the food supply, environmental toxins, genetically modified organisms and chemicals are just a few of the issues that are affecting the very food that your family eats.
  • This webinar will identify those toxins so that you can make informed decisions about what your family is eating. By breaking down this information into simple to follow steps. It will allow you to clean your family’s health and reduce the risk of asthma, allergies, ADHD, learning disabilities and other serious illnesses linked to food toxins. 
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